Fail faster,

List of my featured projects and experiments.


Cashbac Logo Placeholder
Cashbac Business Dashboard.

Dashboard for thousands of Cashbac merchants and partners. Sometimes we used to called it as Merchant Dashboard.

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Cashbac Portal Dashboard.

Internal dashboard for Ops, Finance and Customer Support team of Cashbac.

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Cashbac Logo Placeholder
Cashbac Landing Page.

A simple landing page that I used to designed and developed using Gatsby JS and Bulma CSS framework. Dedicated for marketing and online presence.

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Cashbac UI Kit.

An initiative of Cashbac’s design system endeavor.

Other Projects

Wedding Microsite: Sherly & Daeng

Deployed with Netlify and usingBulma CSS framework.

UXID 2018 Conference Landing Page.

UX Indonesia Microsite – Built using WordPress.

Indonesians Who Design - Designers Directory.

Built using Next JS and deployed in Vercel



Built using Gatsby JS and Markdown.

Dark Mode Web using Gatsby JS

Built using Gatsby JS and Markdown.

Breeze Mobile App.
Wedding Microsite: Sherly & Daeng

Fast lane checking app in airport.