My name is Daeng Muhammad Feisal,
I am a Product Designer from Indonesia. Currently shifting to learning about Design Management/Leadership and Product Management .

I had worked as a freelancer, part-timer to in-house, also from SysAdmin, Front-End Developer to UX Designer. From Agency, Corporate to Startup like Cashbac, Labtek Indie, XPRSV, Mizan Apps Publisher and Mitra Digital.

I received my Bachelor of Computer Science from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

*sampurasun means "hello, what's up!" in Sundanese language.


I had several past activities from organizational to voluntary experiences, from hobby club, NGO to professional association, and from local to national level. Check my notion page here for the details.
For recent activities, check my now page.

this Web

I built this web using full customized WordPress CMS, and I’m a die hard WordPress fans since 2011 😎.
This web also hosted at Digital Ocean.