About Me

I am Daeng Muhammad Feisal, a designer who codes, an avid reader, and a human-centered design process enthusiast. I have spent the last 10 years working in the IT, design, and startup industry with a specialized focus on UX design. And now, I am on a mission to leverage financial inclusivity and education-for-all through technology empowerment.

I have taught UX design at QUIX Design Bootcamp and Talent Bandung (digital talent training program organized by Bandung city government) from 2017-2020. Also organized UX events in UXID (UX Indonesia community) Bandung chapter from 2016-2018 and led the media and documentation team in UXID Conference 2018.

Recently, shifting to learning about Design Operations, Design System, and Product Management.

See my LinkedIn profile and Now page for recent updates.


Profile photo by Ricki Iqbal P.

What I strongly

I believe that human-centered design is a recipe to boost creativity and more fruitful product development processes. And I believe everyone is a designer, and a good designer should falling in love with problems, not solutions. Like coffee, success is only fulfilling when it can be shared.


UX Design & Research

Adding value to the development process with the ability to build frameworks based on in-depth user experience research.

Product Management

Integrating UX expertise, management skills, curiosity, and the ability to always step into the users’ shoes for the creation of better products.

Front-End Development

Understanding the technical constraints to deliver a better experience to users. For me, design for passion & code for fun.

Fun Facts.