Optimizing Campaign Creation.

Spearheaded to design and development of
the most vital feature in the company.

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(PT Global Pay Indonesia)



My Role

UX Designer
UI Designer


Optimizing Flow and Design the UI


Complex Feature Development

Tools & Tech Stack

Miro App
Sketch App

Time Frame

December 2019 - January 2020

Summary (TL;DR)


Vending machine from PT Ultra Jaya need to be updated, to increase sales and enhance it engagement and interactivity among their customers. The old vending machine had several problems.


  • New UI, new Mini-Game
  • Package bundling sales
  • Optimized product view, cart and payment flow
  • Can transaction with old new banknote

About Cashbac

Cashbac is an application developed by PT Global Pay Indonesia,  that allows customers to earn instant cashback from a transaction. For businesses, Cashbac acts as a campaign and marketing platform that helps affiliated partners to reach the targeted customers. PT Global Pay Indonesia operates under SMDV, a digital venture arm under Sinarmas group and formerly known as Dimo (Digital Money) Group. With known products like Uangku (acquired by Traveloka), PaybyQR™, HelloPay, and Flashiz.

Read my notes about Cashbac here.

Context around Promo Campaign

For almost 2 years since Cashbac App development started, Promo Campaign as a core feature still doesn’t have any UI at all for its creation process. Since the beginning, the creation process manually handled by Back-End Engineers. And ever since it beginning, our top 2 problems/inquiries from users in the Customer Support team is related to Promo Campaign issues,

1. Promo Campaign Eligibility (not match, wrong requirement)
2. Promo Campaign Timing (has not been set up yet, but published in our social media)


Business & Technical Constraints

In the beginning of this project, we are very aware that this is about inter-department coordination and communication issues . 

Promo Campaign Creation was not categorized as a “low hanging fruit” feature because it’s considered as very high-effort to be developed. So it doesn’t get the priority enough to be in the top backlog of our Product Roadmap, even Product Roadmap for years 2019 and 2020. 

So in the last quarter of 2020, we spearheaded to tackle this never-ending issues loop related to Promo Campaign, because it is very critical to our core business process, give the cashback as rewards to our customers.

Reframe the Workflow

The legacy workflow of Campaign Creation and approval process, without UI at all.

The current workflow, Promo Campaign creation processes begin from Campaign Manager provides the campaign information details to the Back-End Core Engineers, and then they manually input to the databases without UI at all and sometimes done manually by query API (using SQL and API tools like DBeaver and Postman). Then the last layer is approval from the VP Engineering to make sure the Promo Campaign gets live.

The ideal workflow of Promo Campaign creation should be initiated by the Campaign Manager and approved by the Director of Marketing at the end of the process before going live, without the involvement of any Engineering team.

Designing the solution: The New Workflow

The new workflow of Campaign Creation and approval process, with UI of course.

(The New) User Interface


The final prototype received +85% pass rates, with nearly all participant passing their first time. Those unable to connect and sync because poor internet connection onlu, were able to quickly diagnose the problem with the help of our newly implemented error messaging.

Lesson Learned

Knowing what I knew after the project, I would say that asking for feedback is the key to the project success. If I could change one thing, it would be to ask feedback earlier by Finance team and Operations staffs, not only from their manager.